Insurance Claims

If you have insurance or someone with insurance damages your vehicle, we can process a claim for you!

Some insurance companies have special deals with body shops that agree to do economy repairs using cheap knock off parts and questionable repair methods. Wisconsin State law clearly states that a insurance company can not require you to have your vehicle repaired at a specific repair shop. To get around this law some insurance companies use carefully rehearsed word tracks that use fear, intimidation or manipulate the facts when discussing the claim. We are eager to Help You get quality repairs. M&M Auto Body is THE ONLY BODY SHOP that will stand up for your rights!

Please take the time to educate your self about claim practices, these are your leagl rights and it is vital that you make an informed decision. Our opinion is that the  safe repairs to your vehicle is the priority. Please inquire to me directly for any specific questions: or use the contact form.

To see examples of what Insurance companies try to get away with, clink on these links:

American Family Insurance Halts Aftermarket Parts Usage Following Court Decision

If when dealing with any Insurance Company, you feel that you have been mislead, "steered to a specific repair shop" or had your legal rights ignored, you can file a complaint with the State of Wisconsin. I would be happy to help if needed. To file an insurance compliant clink here.

Very Important additional information about insurance "DRP" programs :

To view Auto Insurance Company Rankings, clink here.

In our experience and opinion the BEST Insurance Companies include State Farm, Acuity, General Casualty, West Bend, Wisconsin Mutual and Erie. This opinion is based on Authorization for Quality Repairs and Parts, Fairness of Compensation, and equal respect from claims managers. Some of the most challenging insurance companies to work with in our opinion are: American Family, Geico, Progressive and Allstate. Some of these companies try to pressure body shops by: emphasizing low cost over quality, manipulate labor rates, use cheap knock off parts or sometimes the claims managers may use deceptive tactics to avoid following regulations.

We support repeal of the Insurance industry exemption on anti trust laws, see:

Connecticut Campaign Targets Insurer Antitrust Violations

Wisconsin Bill Targets Insurance Company Steering

Department of Justice Anti-Trust Division

If you are shopping for a Good Auto Insurance Company we want to help you find a Good one. Since we have a vast amount of experiance in how each company handles claims we can give you our opinion and provide researchs tool to help guide you. The time to find out if you have a good Insurance Company is not when you file a claim. Below are many Reviews of Fellow Americans that have had bad experiances with claims... As with all opions, occaisionally we can not be realistic and or we need to look at the other persons point of view. However, if one company has a great deal of complaints that tells you something! Please become informed and do your reseach, check out the links below:

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Consumer Affairs Allstate Auto Insurance Reviews/Complaints

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